We develop goods and services for application in the following fields








DHS has been providing products for energy, military, and industrial applications for over 15 years. Our products are specifically designed for robust performance and reliability in severe environments. Let us use our time-tested approach to design something for your application - read on to discover what we have to offer.




Our standard products are form factor and front-end customizable, and include data acquisition and logging systems, motor controllers and drivers, power supplies, and magnetometers. In addition to our standard product offerings, we can design a custom product for your application. Read on to learn about our process.



  • Design

    We work with you to customize one of our standard products to meet your needs, or to design a new product specifically for your OEM application.

  • Manufacturing

    We produce prototypes and manufacture the final product for you.

  • Testing

    Products can be tested at high temperature to ensure proper functioning in rugged applications and harsh environments.

  • Programming

    Our products ship with factory setting software where applicable. We can also create custom user interface software to accompany our products.

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Please contact us if you would like to discuss a project, or have questions about our standard product line